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Functional and Exceptional POS Systems

Functional and Exceptional POS Systems

A few weeks ago we announced the addition of several new customers in the Maritime Province of New Brunswick and last week we were very lucky to be the chosen provider of hardware and software at the St. Mary’s First Nation NEW Retail venue, Two Nations One Stop.

Our install mainly features POS Solutions by Partnertech. The SP-650 Touch POS Systems, come loaded with cost-effective and advanced features found on any POS. And with the battle of winning new clientele underway, you will have all you need to do just that. Designed for harsh environments, this system is fanless which means it won’t be damaged with dust and dirt. Furthermore it features a flexible modular design so it can be mounted and tilted whichever way best suits your business.

Now when it comes to software, our customer wanted to invest in something that will help make the day to day business operations a breeze and the obvious choice was ACCEO Logivision.

L-POS is an easy to use, fast and secure point of sale software made specifically for retailers seeking rapid transaction entry and secure data recording. Designing the screens to simplify transactions is easy. This widows-based solution provides all the tools required to manage retail operations more efficiently and provide a superior customer experience.

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