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Logivision L-BOSS

Logivision L-BOSS

L-BOSS is a set of comprehensive and easy-to-use management tools which are designed for back-office control in retail environments. To start, the basic package includes full product maintenance and price modeling. L-BOSS is used to control pricing changes for future events. In addition, batches are pre-programmed for both permanent price changes and for promotional batches. You want to get out early and come in later? The price batches activate the change automatically at the appropriate date. Since there are no complicated end of day procedures, you can decide whether you need to be there to balance at night or if you’ll compare deposits with system totals the next day or Monday morning.

Features include on-line data exchange with POS terminals to keep your system up-to-date. In addition, L-BOSS has a powerful tool that allows you to search for transactions or activity based on a wide range of criteria. It collects sales data and prepares a batch entry to link to different accounting packages. If necessary, the data is viewed and edited before the transfer is posted. The system stores all transactions for future auditing. Use L-BOSS cashier and office balancing to control funds coming into and leaving the store. In fact, all back-end entries are reconciled on the POS terminals with any pickups or loans entered. The data is consolidated and posted to the L-BOSS report system.

Furthermore, the L-BOSS integrated report system allows retailers to monitor sales in real-time. A task scheduler is available to execute events automatically even if personnel are absent. Lastly, L-BOSS provides great data management whether you run a hyper-market with multiple POS terminals or a small gift shop using an all-in-one terminal for both back office and POS combined.

Key Features

  • Item maintenance
  • Price batch management
  • Backend balancing
  • Scale interface
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Advanced electronic journal search
  • General ledger interface
  • Multi-Store

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