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CIO Review AWARDS | 2020


CIO Review

Paul Leduc

To say the digital transformation is one of the most significant retail disruptors since credit cards made their debut in the 1950s, wouldn’t be an understatement. Just as credit cards and cashless payments became a phenomenon back then, today, an efficient POS system is indispensable for brick-and-mortar retail stores. From customers demanding a more personalized experience to businesses relying on actionable data to make smarter decisions, a POS system is at the center of it all. It serves as the hub for retail businesses by processing all customer transactions, managing products and customer relationships, and tracking sales. In other words, a POS system is the intersection where business logic and real-time business transactions meet, and it is where all the action happens.
With today’s retail marketplace brimming with numerous POS software products that enable organizations to run with ease and deliver a seamless retail experience, finding the right system that best fits a business’ needs can be quite challenging. However, it is worth noting when a firm has been able to maintain a leading position and consistently deliver high-quality POS solutions that not only handle payment transactions but also invoicing, inventory, accounting, reporting, and other aspects—enabling retailers to manage their business effectively and easily. Canada-based Globe POS Systems in Ontario is one such maven. Since its inception in 1970, the firm has been providing a variety of easy-to-use POS systems, scales, printers, and more with an extensive array of administrative tools that allow retailers to handle their products, customers, and cash flow effortlessly.

Delivering Seamless Payment Processes


Paul Leduc, president of Globe POS Systems, says, “We are like an IT solution provider for the entire retail ecosystem. We offer both products and services that a restaurant or retail business requires to successfully operate, such as security systems, analytics trackers, and other peripherals.” Globe POS specializes in providing optimal solutions to its clients, primarily comprising small to mid-sized businesses, small chains, and franchise operations.

With autonomous checkout and frictionless shopping gaining more prominence, consumers expect close to zero wait times to pay for their purchases. Online ordering and self-service kiosks, integrated with contactless payment methods, are becoming commonplace. cio_review_pic_7

To that end, Globe POS provides novel POS systems with QR codes and barcodes, cloud-based marketing tools, software to increase the online visibility of local retailers, management tools, and scanners—all of which limit the amount of personal interaction. “We aim to exceed expectations by offering outstanding products and services. We know and understand that every customer has their own needs and requirements, and as such, offering a bespoke service is part of our modus operandi,” adds Leduc.

Unlocking Game-Changing Benefits


Besides this, the company partners with the best technology providers like HP and Toshiba for POS systems. In fact, Globe POS is an RSPA certified reseller. The firm currently provides its solutions and services to customers across 190 locations in Canada, and its impressive clientele includes the likes of Global Pet Foods and A Buck or Two stores. “Our collaboration with HP started eight years ago when we first deployed the HP AP500 all-in-one POS system across all of the Global Pet Foods stores in Canada,” informs Leduc. It was the system’s durability, reliability, flexibility, security, and sleek design and service that led to Globe POS choosing to become an HP POS reseller and a longterm partner. Today, Globe POS’ HP solutions are implemented across all 190 Global Pet Foods stores nationwide. Some of the retail POS systems Globe POS offers in partnership with HP are the HP Engage One, HP RP9, HP RP2, and the new HP Engage FlexPro. With security, durability, and flexibility built into its intuitive design, HP Engage One meets the demands of each business and marks a new era in retail and hospitality.

Businesses can build the ideal checkout, interactive signage, or self-service solution for their retail or hospitality environment with the streamlined, versatile HP Engage One and its accessory ecosystem. With today’s business environment calling for next-level security, HP Engage One offers self-healing PC BIOS and firmware that shields the BIOS against attacks to help keep data, devices, and customers safe and secure.


When it comes to Globe POS’ new HP Engage FlexPro retail system, there is a unique functionality that allows retailers to configure the system to best fit their users and environment, whether it is point of sale, video surveillance, processing/controlling, digital signage or OEM with flexible connectivity, graphics, and networking options. “Businesses can.


efficiently manage their retail operations with HP Engage Flex Pro—our stable, secure, and highest-performing retail platform delivers maximum flexibility and scalability for a range of deployments,” affirms Leduc. To emphasize the impact of the partnership between Globe POS and HP, Leduc cites a case study of Rabba Fine Foods, one of Canada’s finest retail chains. Rabba Fine Foods needed a more reliable POS system that would enable them to provide secure services to customers 24×7. Globe POS collaborated with HP to create a customized POS solution that fit the client’s environment. “We revamped their entire POS with an HP retail solution. This gave them the reliability, support, and warranty needed to run their business efficiently,” adds Leduc. With the new solution in place, Rabba Fine Foods was able to enhance its customer experience.

Unparalleled Expertise at Hand

Another notable aspect of Globe POS that Leduc believes plays a crucial role in the firm’s continued success is its unique approach toward addressing customer needs. Globe POS always makes it a point to have a personal touch when delivering services to clients. Globe POS’ team—comprising dedicated and experienced individuals whose sole goal is to ensure that customers are always.

satisfied—still interact with clients in the traditional manner (one-on-one discussions as opposed to interacting online). This personal touch gives Globe POS a better idea of the challenges faced by clients on a daily basis and enables them to resolve the issues the first time round. Every client is given the same priority, irrelevant of their size or business. Globe POS’ entire team is instrumental in finding and delivering solutions and support that align with the clients’ needs.


This engagement is initiated via two stages: firstly, a discussion with the client is carried out to understand their requirements, exchange ideas, and assess the pain points. “We then try to find the right combination of hardware and software that meets their business needs, because not all merchants are equal, and the same solution might not work for every retail environment,” explains Leduc. This is followed by implementing the solution at the client’s location and checking its effectiveness
and adjusting accordingly.

Furthermore, even as a small enterprise, Globe POS has more flexibility in contrast to its peers and goes the extra mile to satisfy customers. Each of Globe POS’ solutions is tailormade to individual specifications while still being reasonably priced. On top of that, the firm also offers equipment leasing services to help clients keep their cash flow consistent. “It helps build a long-term relationship with our customers,” adds Leduc.

A Strategy for Continued Success


Globe POS currently has offices in Ottawa, Windsor, Toronto and recently
opened up in Moncton to serve its clients in the Maritimes. For the road ahead, the company is looking toward expanding geographically as well as entering newer market segments, specifically hospitality. Alongside, with QR codes becoming a familiar part of retail businesses, Globe POS is seeking partners to integrate its solutions. E-commerce and contactless payments have boomed during the pandemic. The convenience of shopping at home, scanning a barcode, not having to interact with individuals during the shopping experience, and self-checkout has led to the emergence of several innovative POS solutions. “The retail industry is changing at breakneck pace. We will continue to adapt to the changes and stay relevant to the trends in the landscape by forging partnerships and offering solutions and services that address the pain points. We are passionate and, as always, will strive to deliver quality POS solutions that will provide businesses with a competitive edge and help them grow,” wraps up Leduc.

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