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Latest technologies – Datalogic Axist

Latest technologies – Datalogic Axist

These last couple of weeks have been very busy indeed! Our team has been relentlessly upgrading several Global Pet Food stores to the latest systems with HP RP 9’s, the system of choice for retail stores. However, one of the accessories we’d like to highlight this week is the Datalogic Axist hand-held scanner.


HP RP 9 and Datalogic Axist

Datalogic Axist PDA with Android Technology

Firstly, this brilliant scanner comes with a 5″ multi-touch screen and includes Datalogic’s SoftSpot technology. In addition, the Axist is equipped with a multi-purpose 2D imager providing quick and easy data capture from high density codes at standard distances. Together with an autofocus camera, this PDA provides easy photo capture for applications requiring image documentation.

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