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This Week’s Focus – Logivision L-Boss Software

This Week’s Focus – Logivision L-Boss Software

Discover Logivision L-Boss, the integrated store controller software that combines with L-Pos to offer easy-to-use management tools. There is no doubt that this software is perfectly designed for the back-office control in all retail environments.

Logivision L-Boss

First and foremost, L-Boss can be used in various ways like creating products and customers or ordering and receiving your stock. Maintaining price specials and promotions┬ábecomes a breeze! Furthermore, L-Boss also takes care of automated procedures that need to happen while the store is closed or you’re not there. There is no need to be present when new pricing needs to be activated or the end of day procedures have to be done. The L-Boss task manager will carry out the task for you.

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