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The Toshiba TCX 300 Series now at Fabbrica Restaurant

The Toshiba TCX 300 Series now at Fabbrica Restaurant

After weeks of hard work, the new Fabbrica Restaurant at the TD Center is now open for business! It has definitely been a privilege for our company to once again be part of another exciting new project.

The Toshiba TCX 300 Series……Great Fit

Our client chose the Toshiba TCX 300 Series package. To start with, this package brings smarter store solutions to small and mid-sized retailers who need a high performing, energy efficient point of sale system with a small foot print – and at the lowest cost. This means that retailers can offer a more personalized and interactive experience from multiple channels and devices at checkout.

As a result, the small TCX 300 is packed with big features that energize the shopping experience for both customers and employees alike. Ultimately helping grow sales faster for the retailer!

The Innovative Magellan 9400

To top it all off, our client also chose the Datalogic Magellan 9400 scale/scanners, which read both 1D and 2D bar codes seamlessly, without item orientation.

Moreover, the optional Magellan Customer Service Scanner (CSS) enables retailers to easily engage their customers in mobile commerce programs. In fact, it allows them to scan bar codes from their mobile phone screen or paper coupons while the cashier continues to scan regular items in parallel, resulting in a significant reduction in transaction time.

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