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Toshiba POS Systems Install at T Phat Supermarket

Toshiba POS Systems Install at T Phat Supermarket

We have finished yet another install of Toshiba POS Systems at T.Phat Supermarket’s new location in Toronto.

Toshiba POS Systems at T Phat Supermarket

For this reason, we would like to take the opportunity to highlight some of the Toshiba POS Systems that are available to our customers.

The TCxWave & The TCx300 POS Systems

The Toshiba brand has much to offer like the TCxWave which is a sleek and powerful retail-hardened solution. This system is compact which makes it perfect if retail space comes at a premium. We have to also mention the TCx300, which is a great solution for small to mid-sized retailers.  It’s a very efficient solution combined with low cost and the added bonus of having a small footprint.

If you’d like more information and detailed specifications on these products, please visit us at or call us on (866) 446-2954.