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POS Provider of Choice at AutoSpa Mississauga

POS Provider of Choice at AutoSpa Mississauga

Congratulations to our long time customer Auto Spa on opening their new site in Mississauga. We are very lucky to be their POS Provider of choice yet again!

Our client chose the HP RP9 POS, which is certainly very popular right now! The HP RP9 delivers a significantly stylish and engaging experience to customers. As a result, the modern and versatile HP RP9 Retail System, combines powerhouse performance with reliable engineering.


Easily show and share details on a touchscreen that’s stylish, durable, and functional. In addition, it has Pre-Boot Touch for easy access to BIOS functions.


Add devices and displays when you’re ready with a range of connections, and select wired or wireless networking.

Lastly, for this customer we also installed the Wasp Bio metric Time & Attendance Bundle. This simple but nevertheless comprehensive tool can streamline and manage all your time and attendance needs. Moreover, it offers the efficiency of Wasp Time software and the security of bio metric fingerprint technology. Ease and reliability every pay cycle, every time!

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