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An all New Toshiba POS System Install for Fabricville

An all New Toshiba POS System Install for Fabricville

We are very pleased to share that we have just completed a new install at Fabricville in Newfoundland. This install features the sleek and powerful TcX Wave and the Suremark Single Station Printer. There is no doubt that no Toshiba POS System would be complete without Logivison’s L-Boss and L-POS easy to use software.

Toshiba POS System TCX Wave & Suremark Printer

TCX Wave & Suremark Single Station Printer

First and foremost, the TCxWave is a sleek and powerful retail-hardened solution. It has the freedom to function as a POS, kiosk or self-service system. Furthermore, it’s compact design is perfect for where retail space is a premium.

In addition, the Suremark Single Station Printer is the only choice for retailers who want to make their operations smarter and more competitive. This printer delivers speed and reliability plus it’s earth-friendly.

Logivision L-Boss & L-Pos Software

L-BOSS is a set of comprehensive and easy-to-use management tools that are designed for back-office control in all retail environments. Some features for instance include the on-line data exchange with POS terminals to keep your system up-to-date.

In addition, L-POS is an easy to use point of sale software designed for retailers looking for rapid transaction entry and safe data recording. At the same time, L-POS allows our customers to choose their own hardware as it’s a flexible Windows-based solution. Moreover, it speeds up transactions and reduces errors by integrating to major debit and credit payment networks.

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