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Easy and Versatile Counter top Scale

Easy and Versatile Counter top Scale

This week we were at Cataldi Fresh Market in Woodbridge, where we installed a new Ishida Uni-3 counter top scale. In fact, this scale is the perfect choice for their new fresh pasta section. Not only does it provide quick, reliable weighing and labeling but an ideal fit for the fast paced environment of the market. There is no doubt that these versatile scales are easy-to-operate and are great for wholesale stores, butchers, green grocers and supermarkets alike.

Uni-3 counter top scale

The Uni Range

As a matter of fact, Ishida has a large number of counter top scale variations, as they take in account the different features required for every industry.

First is their top of the range UNI-9 that boasts a double-screen design and sleek compact structure. Following close behind, the UNI-7 offers superior networking options and allows any information access at the touch of a button. Finally let’s not forget the UNI-5 which despite its compact size, gives supermarkets the versatility they need to serve customers.

Whatever your choice, we are sure that the right scale is waiting. Call us on (866) 446-2954 and let us help you choose.