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This Week’s Focus – Datalogic Handheld Scanners

This Week’s Focus – Datalogic Handheld Scanners

Datalogic offers a variety of General Duty Handheld Scanners. This product is a very useful addition to any POS System. This can greatly help the operator/cashier to quickly and efficiently scan labels. But how can you decide which scanner is the best fit for your business? Presenting, the Gryphon and Heron Series.

The Gryphon SeriThe Gryphon Handheld Scannerses

The Gryphon GD 4400 is a hybrid handheld / presentation scanner with unique features like the Motionix motion-sensing technology for seamless reading mode transitions. In addition, this all-in-one scanner adjusts to any angle to fit individual scanning preferences. There is no doubt that this product is easy on the eyes and thanks to its 4-dot aimer, it defines an more precise reading zone and reduces accidental reads.

The Heron Handheld ScannersThe Heron Series

Similarly, this corded imager also offers a unique and innovative design. Firstly, the stylish design, illuminating colors and custom sounds help elevate the customer’s brand experience at check-out. In addition, the Heron provides an outstanding 1D reading performance and includes the ‘Green-spot’ Technology that can be used an an ‘aiming tool’ when used in hands-free operation.

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