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This Week’s Focus – Ishida Automatic Wrapper

This Week’s Focus – Ishida Automatic Wrapper

The Ishida Automatic Wrapper has been created after extensive analysis of different working environments and operation processes. First and foremost, this design gives priority to the operation process as it helps minimize the burden on the operator and operations are performed more efficiently.

We have examined various operational site data such as the type of business where the wrapper will be used; what the intended purpose will be; and what production volumes are to be expected. All this research resulted in a customized system that is designed by the customer for the customer.

Ishida Automatic Wrapper Features

Among other things, the WM-4000 offers an ideal operator posture as the label issuing chute is positioned at the same height as the discharge unit. This allows the operator to maintain a natural posture during operation for a more stress free experience.

In addition, this wrapper comes with an easy-to-see 10.4 inch colour LCD touch panel. Moreover, it has a CCD camera that automatically identifies the tray as soon as its placed on the in-feed table. Therefore, wrapping conditions and tare weight are set automatically.

WM-4000 Ishida Automatic Wrapper
WM-4000 Ishida Automatic Wrapper at PAT Oriental in Mississauga