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Star POS Printing Solution TSP100III Series

Star POS Printing Solution TSP100III Series

The TSP100III is the faster, easier, and better POS printing solution. Star Micronics TSP100III is already a leading player in the mPOS market.  It is offered with WLAN, LAN, or Bluetooth connectivity, for an easy-to-use and ready-to-go installation. In addition, the TSP100III now offers simple connection with a “Push ‘n’ Connect” WPS set-up for WLAN, a plug-and-play Ethernet connection for the LAN version, and an easy Bluetooth pairing connection, making each set-up as easy as ever before. The new thermal receipt printer is an upgrade of the TSP100, printing at almost twice the speed with special de-curl function. It is also fully compatible with its previous version and requires no additional integration or development.

In fact, combined with its powerful futurePRNT Windows software, users can enhance their printed receipts. Not only can they add graphics (logos and coupons) and print multiple copies but also use the text processing function to replace printed information or trigger a coupon. In conclusion, the TSP100III can also be used with Star Micronics AllReceipts™ digital receipt app. This allows shoppers to manage their receipts digitally, and retailers to receive instant feedback to customer satisfaction.


  • High-speed printing of 43 receipts per minute (250mm/s)
  • Easy set-up across all models
  • Revolutionary futurePRNT Receipt Design Software
  • Compatible with Star Cloud Services and AllReceipts™ digital receipt app

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